Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a bit more

Well, here we are. Week 8. Hard to believe it has been that long...

Today I had to work, so I snuck into the bathroom with my ipod. I work where there are not a lot of staff, but there are a ton of people who come and go all day. So, at any time, people drop in to see me and they would notice if I was in the bathroom for 20 minutes! I try to time my quite time around when I don't really expect to see anyone.

I take my ipod so that I have something to listen to and it helps me mark time. I know that if I listen to a couple of songs, it hasn't been that long. I have come to really enjoy my nipples and taking this time to take care of the girls is one of my favorite parts of the day. And then today! I didn't know if my right side was ever going to stop dripping. It just kept coming and that hasn't happended before, not to this degree. It wasn't a ton of milk, but definately more. I was shocked and couldn't wait to let my husband know. I had to work late, so by the time I got home I was ready for him. They didn't hurt, I don't have that much milk, but they just felt ready. He suckled forever, we do try to make sure he suckles for awhile after the milk is gone and I kept asking, "is there still milk?". There isn't a constant flow, or really enough for a gulp, but I love to listen to him swollow. It is heaven.

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  1. congratulations! just keep at it and milk will flow!