Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feeling Full

I had CPR training ALL day about and hour and a half away from home for work. Since it was an all day group activity, I didn't get the chance to take care of my girls, like I normally would during the work day. Let me tell you by the time I was doing chest compressions, my girls were so big and hard, it wasn't easy! When I finally got home and peeled off my bra, the girls almost hurt. I was hoping it wasn't wishful thinking and they weren't really that full. Hubby suckled and suckled and still didn't get them completely empty before the boys were banging on the door waiting for us. It is hard to explain to the almost three year old that we really do get to spend time alone.

An hour later, I expressed big streaming squirts. It was good to know that the girls really are producing. I don't really want to delay like that, I know it will production in the long run, but it is fun to see.

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