Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Ever Blog

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So, as a newbie at trying to re-lactate, milkmaid recommended journaling to keep track of how things go. We have been trying to re-lactate my dry girls for about 10 days, suckling (or hand expressing) 4x a day. It seems to be progressing, we have had drops since Friday, at least once a day. That sure makes me want to keep going! Today, I didn't have to work, so I spent way too much time on-line and reading. It is amazing to me how generous and welcoming so many people have been on this site and some others. I have learned A LOT in just a few days. My husband was really the instigator, but since I don't wade quietly into anything I do, I have spent some quality time learning.
Goal! I want to blog every few days to keep track of our progression. Today I read up on hand expressing since I do have to go to work some of the time! I practiced and had good results in just a few minutes (drops on both sides!!). I made my husband watch the video and me to see if it looked like I was getting it right...what an overachiever!
Anyway, we are very excited about what suckling has done for us already, it is so new and fun that it is on the brain all the time. I am sure after some of the new-ness falls away, I'll be able to think of something else (I just hope that doesn't happen too soon).

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