Thursday, April 30, 2009

Along the way

Originally posted on ANRSpace

It has been a few days since my first little squirt and I am happy to say it wasn’t a fluke. I am now getting a little squirt from both girls when I hand express around noon. There isn’t a lot, but it is so nice to have progress. Maybe it will be enough to keep me satisfied for awhile…maybe. I still can’t believe how full the girls feel before he suckles and how flat they are after, while he says he doesn’t really get a lot. I know, it shows things are changing, but it still doesn’t make sense to me.

I love the closeness we are sharing these days. I have always been a bit of an attention whore (pay attention to me, now!). I hate it when he is gone or just too busy. Since we have begun this journey, it has been nice to know I really am on his mind and in his thoughts all day. We are together three times a day and we are making each other the priority, above all, and that is new to us (even sneaking home for lunch once a week, I am afraid the neighbors are going to notice). It is hard with the juggle day-to-day life, with work and kids. So far, we are making it work and I hope as days become busier, we will still find the time. Mornings and nights work just fine, it is the stolen moments during the day. I am grateful for the nice weather, it has worked well just to kick the kids out side! Hard to believe all of these changes have occurred just over the last few weeks.

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