Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Post" Activities

My husband and I have been together for almost 14 years, he was only 17 when we started our relationship, I was 19. We have really grown together sexually. I was his first ever and he gave me my first "o". Our first 6 years together, we lived about 2 hours apart during the school year and at our parent's homes the rest of the time. We really didn't have quality time to spend together and I remember dreaming about just being able to wake up in his arms every day and I try to remember that feeling now, 8 years in to marriage. We did have some weekends together and some of our fondest memeories are from his first apartment at school. He didn't have any roommates and we discovered a lot about sex then.

I have to say, those used to be the "high" points of our sexual relationship, crazy weekend sex, trying to make up for all the time we were apart during the week. I can't say that that is still the "high".

Since begining our ANR, we have had sex at least once a day (except when I was on my cycle, I don't have intercourse then, but he still got attention each day). It has been crazy, we cannot get enough of eachother. Before, he would liken getting me "ready" to starting a car, if I was too "cold" and took too long to get going, it was because I hadn't been started enough lately (not enough sex). Now, I am always ready. I feel so much closer to him, and of couse it makes sense, we make sure to be together a few times a day, we are bound to feel closer, but I really had no idea that would be a result in our suckling time.

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