Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week Four

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I haven’t blogged about our progress in awhile, because I didn’t really think there was anything to say. We are now in week four and still suckling 3x a day and once a day I hand express. I do drink some Mother’s Milk tea, it is really yummy with a little honey. We have fallen in to a nice rhythm and love the morning and evening times together. Right after work is really hard, the kids are so excited to see Daddy that they don’t like to have to share him with me. It has made us very creative over the last few weeks!

Anyway, after reading the last thing I wrote, there has been progress…my milk is building slowly and in direct relationship to how much water I drink. I can’t believe how dry my mouth gets during the day! Hubby now does get to swallow some milk and I almost always get a little squirt on both sides during the day. The milky drops have started to run a bit and there are more from different ducts (a new one this morning!) I am glad that I have been writing down how things are going, it makes me realize how far we have come in just a few weeks. I have been going braless as much as possible, even out and about (with a coat on), the girls are much fuller these days. It is a great feeling and something I never did before. I think it helps with production (the girls don’t like to be held down too long).

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